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GC Resolve is a communication and consulting company designed to increase education and mobilization of the general public in order to build regenerative and resilient communities, and therefore resolve the problems that impact the day-to-day lives of the people that live there.  

GC Resolve focuses on grassroots community development, mobilization, and education to help equip communities with the tools they need to effectively make a difference.  An educated and engaged community equates to a more healthy and vibrant state, region and country.

Our partners include communities, non-profits, foundations, law firms, farmers, tribes and those that aim to advance good causes.


The real power in our country lies in its people.  Despite the frustrations with gridlock in Washington, D.C., the federal government, and the large multi-national corporations that influence our government so heavily, democracy is still designed to move us forward as long as goodwill is strong and vibrant.  To achieve this we must focus our goodwill on building community.

Citizens care about the strength of their community.  Through a more organized, stronger networked, and increasingly educated and engaged society, more opportunities will find their way back home.  GC Resolve seeks to build that community spirit.

Farm Free or Die

Extreme weather events are hitting America’s farmers hard, and with greater frequency than ever before. American Resilience Project's Farm Free or Die advocates for transformative agricultural policies that improve farming livelihoods and address the climate crisis. The stories of farmers on the front lines of severe environmental and economic adversity will catalyze support for policies that stabilize rural communities, strengthen food security, and incentivize soil health and carbon removal. With 2023 Farm Bill discussions underway, there is no better time than now.




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    The midterm culture war over plant-based meat

    Last week, Nebraskans elected Republican businessman Jim Pillen to be the state’s next governor. It’s no surprise he won: Nebraska has picked a Republican in every gubernatorial election since 1998. But what made Pillen’s campaign so peculiar — and alarming to those who care about animal welfare and climate change — is that no other political candidate has campaigned so vehemently against veggie burgers and soy milk. Throughout his campaign, Pillen vowed to “stand up to radicals who want to use red tape and fake meat to put Nebraska out of business,” and promised to work to pass laws that ban plant-based food producers from using words like “meat” and “milk” on their packaging.
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    Why we’re suing the Department of Environment and Energy

    The Flatwater Free Press is suing the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy over its response to a public records request for emails. I’d like to tell you why. Our reporter, the intrepid Yanqi Xu, has spent months digging into issues related to nitrates that seep into groundwater. As her reporting has revealed, that pollution is likely related to our state’s high rates of pediatric cancer.  We got a tip from a well-placed source that regulators aren’t really regulating. Tips like that are a key ingredient in investigative reporting. Journalists take them and report them out, proving or disproving them, looking for evidence one way or another to indicate just how true the claims are.
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