5th-Generation Farmer Graham Christensen on Regeneration, the Farm Bill and 'Talking Nebraska to Nebraskans'

A common concern on "Riverside Chats" isn't just the climate crisis, but the seeming inability to talk about existential risks like global warming when much of our bandwidth is taken up by the noise of culture wars.

In previous conversations, a concept has come up as a model for what can help undo the damage of the past: regeneration. This is often employed through farming and grazing practices that restore degraded soil biodiversity — sequestering carbon and improving the water cycle.

Graham Christensen is founder and president of consultation company GC Resolve, and solar and alternative energy company GC ReVOLT. Christensen is also a board member of Regenerate Nebraska. Today he discusses his work to build regenerative communities and equip them with the tools they need to ensure a stable, healthier future for humans and our larger ecosystems.

Full KIOS podcast link here: https://www.kios.org/show/riverside-chats/2022-08-22/5th-generation-farmer-graham-christensen-on-regeneration-the-farm-bill-and-talking-nebraska-to-nebraskans

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