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GC Resolve is a communication and consulting company designed to increase education and mobilization of the general public in order to build regenerative and resilient communities, and therefore resolve the problems that impact the day-to-day lives of the people that live there.  

GC Resolve focuses on grassroots community development, mobilization, and education to help equip communities with the tools they need to effectively make a difference.  An educated and engaged community equates to a more healthy and vibrant state, region and country.

Our partners include communities, non-profits, foundations, law firms, farmers, tribes and those that aim to move forward good causes.


The real power in our country lies in its people.  Despite the frustrations with gridlock in Washington, D.C., the federal government, and the large multi-national corporations that influence our government so heavily, democracy is still designed to move us forward as long as goodwill is strong and vibrant.  To achieve this we must focus our goodwill on building community.

Citizens care about the strength of their community.  Through a more organized, stronger networked, and increasingly educated and engaged society, more opportunities will find their way back home.  GC Resolve seeks to build that community spirit.

A Climate Reckoning In The Heartland

CBS News followed GC Resolve Founder and President Graham Christensen during the historic 2019 bomb cyclone and flood in Nebraska.  Christensen highlights how regenerative farming is the solution to being resilient in the face of increasing climate extremes that are plaguing farmers and ranchers.  





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    Coalition forms amid pandemic to advocate for structural change in rural U.S.

    By Laura Thomas, Graham Christensen, Rob Wallace, & John Gulick   The writing has been on the wall for years. The industrial agricultural system has been on the brink of collapse for some time, being only one major disrup- tion or a series of disruptions away from catastrophe. COVID-19 was, in fact, that catastrophic disruption.   After a culmination of historic weather events and political mishaps already sinking the agricultural economy, the virus was all that was needed to unleash the unfathomable into the day-to-day fabric of our lives, exacerbating the severity of the ongoing farm crisis and accelerating the decay of the modern food production system.
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    RegeNErate Nebraska Virtual Farm Tour #1

      We are proud to release our latest communications work, the 1st RegeNErate Nebraska Virtual Farm Tour.  In this video, Billy Alward takes us for a short trip around his farm and shows us how he is regenerating the land as part of his business practice.  Alward also discusses the primary challenge presented by COVID-19, which is access to local processing, and he helps us understand why the Legislature must prioritize State Inspection of Meat.
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