Alternative Energy


Interest in distributed solar energy is booming in Nebraska.  Localized solar energy sources appeal to various constituencies including the business community, those who are seeking more increased energy security, and environmentalists alike.  In addition, more communities are choosing to diversify their energy portfolio with solar to hedge rising and unstable future fossil energy costs.  It is no wonder why more Nebraskans are turning to the sun to power their activities.

This solar system with storage at the Nebraska Indian Community College (NICC) in Macy will power a good portion of the college and backup the campus server. This special partnership with NICC and GC ReVOLT was developed to not only help the college meet the school's environmental goals but also featured an educational program that aims to educate young Native Americans about how to become the next line of environmental entrepreneurs.



Wind energy production is an important part of halting rapidly rising greenhouse gas emissions. Not only that, commercial wind energy provide a plethora of new sources of revenue and long-term cheap energy. As sure as the wind blows, wind energy will continue to garner a larger share of the future U.S. energy portfolio.

This photo of a wind farm in Iowa was taken by Newsweek. Wind Energy development continues to expand as wind projects now provide utilities with the lowest cost of energy available out of all energy sources.  

The below map highlights new income to counties with wind energy projects coming from new nameplate capacity and property tax revenues that fund public schools, fire/emt, Townships, NRDs, community colleges, and county governments.


Wind Energy creates big opportunities for rural communities, yet misinformation campaigns can draw attention away from wind's many great benefits. In the video below, GC Resolve and GC ReVOLT Founder Graham Christensen breaks down who benefits from new revenues created by wind farms, and confronts claims that wind turbines cause vibrations, loud noises, or are not safe.  If you are looking for more accurate information on wind energy please contact us.

If interested in solar or wind energy development, of any size and scale, contact GC ReVOLT (below), a registered Department of Labor Contractor and trusted Trady Ally, to help assist you in developing your alternative energy vision.