Quest for Fire Podcast: Ep. 21 - Graham Christensen, Regenerating our Rural Communities

Graham Christensen is president/founder of GC Resolve, and as a 5th generation Nebraska farmer, Graham has been working to raise awareness about the degenerative effects of modern, corporate farming systems, while also voicing the need to expand regenerative, community-focused farming systems. He shares fantastic insight as to how rural communities are being affected, how the political decisions taken decades ago have led rural communities to their current level of vulnerability, and what actions need to be taken now and going forward. Continue reading

Farmer advocates for better working conditions inside food processing plants

One Nebraska farmer is part of an advocacy group working towards better working conditions for food processing plants. Graham Christensen is a fifth generation farmer from Oakland, Nebraska. He’s also the founder and president of GC Resolve, an advocacy group that works on environmental issues, particularly around agriculture. Such issues include: environmental degradation, rise in emissions, and deterioration of water quality in the community. Continue reading

Scientists Say: Climate Change Is Here and Nebraska's Not Immune - Impacts of warming climate felt from Nairobi to North Platte

GC Resolve supports Climate Change Nebraska, a new group led by young Nebraskans raising the awareness about the dangers of climate change and the impacts in Nebraska.  Here is one of the recent articles that features GC Resolve.  Enjoy!   Continue reading

Grain Place Foundation Panel: How Your Food is Produced Does Matter!

Please check out Grain Place Foundation's virtual panel discussion featuring presentations from Bill Whitney, the Founder and Retired Director of RegeNErate Nebraska Network Partner, the Prairie Plains Resource Institute, Graham Christensen, Founder and President of GC Resolve, and Brise Tencer, Executive Director of the Organic Farming Research Foundation.   Continue reading

SRAP Network News Podcast with Graham Christensen

The SRAP Network News Podcast is hosted by Sherri Dugger, Executive Director of SRAP (Socially Responsible Agricultural Project), and her husband Randy. Coming at you from the Dugger Family Farm in Morristown, Indiana, they will be talking about regenerative agriculture, local food systems, social and environmental justice, public health, and everything in between, including the many mobilizing efforts that Socially Responsible Agricultural Project takes on to empower communities opposing industrial agriculture throughout the U.S. Continue reading

Pacifica Radio KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles Interview Discussing PReP Rural

In this interview with Suzi Weismann KPFK 90.7FM, Rob Wallace, evolutionary epidemiologist, Graham Christensen, 5th generation family farmer and founder of GC Resolve, and Meleiza Figueroa, geographer and eco-researcher/activist come together to discuss how they're working on ways communities can create mutual aid efforts -- in the absence of government response - that can be extended as we head into a second, more extended lockdown. All three are involved with the group, Pandemic Research for the People (PReP). Continue reading

The Good Life Podcast Interview with Graham Christensen

In this episode with Conservation Nebraska's "The Good Life" podcast, Michaela Mast talks Regenerative Agriculture with Graham Christensen from RegeNErate Nebraska. Regenerative Agriculture is the use of holistic land management practices to improve soil quality- which has a whole host of benefits for the planet! 

New Costco poultry plant controls everything from the egg to the grocery aisle. Will that help or hurt farmers?

FREMONT, Neb. — Dressed in blue coats, their hair and beards tucked under protective masks, three men quickly hang slaughtered chickens upside down on shackles, beginning a process that soon will be repeated 2 million times a week in this $450 million processing plant. Continue reading

Amid controversy, $4.99 Costco chickens translate to big boost for Nebraska economy

As Costco’s new chicken processing plant in Fremont continues ramping up toward full capacity and the ability to process more than 2 million birds each week, uncertainty remains about whether any of them will ever come from Lancaster County. Continue reading

Advocacy Groups Say Nebraska Soil is in Trouble

Omaha, NE — People with Green Bellevue and advocacy group GC Resolve say the local soil in Nebraska is in trouble. Sunday, the two groups came together to bring awareness to the problem and share solutions. The advocates are pushing for something called Regenerative Agriculture to put an end to bad soil. "I thought coming today I'd get a clear picture of some solutions that we need to do and I did! Very very very informative," says Alisha Shelton, who attended today's presentation. Continue reading