Founder's Background


Since as far back as I can remember, my family and I have been heavily involved in three things: Agriculture, Energy and Public Service.  My dad once told me that, as farmers, if we didn’t weigh in on the things that we believed in, somebody would be sure to weigh in for us, and that we most likely wouldn’t appreciate the outcome.  It was instilled in our family from an early age that we must be the change we wished to see.   This conversation I never forgot, and as you can see from my experiences those words have heavily influenced my life journey. 


· Co-founder of RegeNErate Nebraska, a collective of farmers, tribal members, food coops, organizations, and more.  The goal is to build Nebraska's communities from the soil up.

· Co-developed the Citizen Scientist FREE Water Testing Program in partnership with the University of Nebraska Lincoln Deparment of Civil Engineering and the University of Nebraska Medical Center Department of Environmental, Agriculture, and Occupational Health.

· 2017 marked the 150th anniversary of the Christensen family farm in which I have been involved with my entire life.  On the farm we grow corn and soybeans, including non-GMO  varieties. We have implemented conservation techniques to save water and build soil organic matter like no-till and cover cropping, planted many varieties of fruit trees and shrubs, and have added solar panels to power the farm.

· While at Nebraska Farmers Union, helped enroll 1.1 million acres of Nebraska land into a carbon sequestration program that rewarded farmers and ranchers for good practices proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Programs like this hold much promise for the future of rural America.  Currently, serve as the State Secretary, and also sit on the Board of Directors representing the eastern part of the state.

· Also while at Nebraska Farmers Union, worked with farmers and ranchers to organize against the Keystone XL Pipeline.  GC Resolve has also partnered with the Nebraska Sierra Club, and many other good Nebraskans in the fight to stop tar sand development.

· With the Sierra Club Beyond Coal, co-organized Power Lincoln Locally, a large coalition of Lincoln residents and groups that educated city leaders and mobilized the grassroots to come together to plan a utility-scale solar system.  At the time of construction, this was the largest system in the state.  Currently, serve on the Food and Agriculture Committee of the Nebraska Sierra Club.

· Organized farmers to educate them about the 2015 - 2019 Syngenta Lawsuits in partnership with Domina Law.

· Along with 21 other Burt County farm families, I currently serve as President of Burt County Wind. This is an effort to develop our wind resource in a way that best fits our community, while bringing valuable new revenues that fund schools, fire, emt, and local government back home.

·  It is vital to always stay active on state and federal policy issues.  My focuses have especially been in the areas of agricultural and energy.  This includes bill drafting, education the general public on issues, activist organizing, and lobbying leaders in both the Unicameral and in the Nation’s Capitol.