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LB 483: The Climate Action Plan Bill

LB 483 would create a science based, data driven climate action plan to help the people and policy makers of Nebraska address the impacts of our changing climate. Evidence of the need to create such a plan continues to mount.

  • In 2012 Nebraska experienced record-breaking heat and drought, causing billions of dollars in damage to our agricultural economy.
  • In 2019 we experienced the worst flooding in our state’s history, again causing billions of dollars in damage to homes, farms, and communities.
  • We need a plan to help Nebraskans prepare for these extreme weather events and reduce the damage they cause.

A climate action plan can provide a framework to make good use of opportunities to respond to the changing climate. This can include providing guidance for farmers and ranchers about ways to reduce costs and improve yields through healthy soils while simultaneously sequestering carbon in the soil. It can also include making use of our abundant renewable energy resources, which can provide income for rural residents and much needed tax revenues for local governments and schools.

Please sign the petition supporting LB 483 now.

In the face of impending economic damage, natural disasters, and unstable international markets due to climate change, we the undersigned call on the Nebraska Legislature and Governor Pete Ricketts to pass LB 483 and ensure quick implementation for a Climate Action Plan.  

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