Scenes from a Regenerative Revolution

Don’t Build Keystone—Build a Food Pipeline, Connecting Urban and Rural Communities.   Continue reading

Growing Renewable Energy Resources To Farm With Fewer Fossil Fuels

"By some estimates, producing our food consumes about a fifth of the nation’s energy supply. It takes a lot of diesel to move tractors and semis around the farm, and electricity to pump water and dry grain." Continue reading

GC Resolve flourished from its founder's roots

Graham Christensen grew up immersed in values of public service, integrity, education and all the responsibilities that come from work on a family farm. His family farm, established in 1867 under the Homestead Act, operates on about 800 acres in his hometown of Oakland, just north of Fremont. Continue reading

Future looks bright: Investment Tax Credit extended!

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is one of the most federal policy mechanisms to support the deployment of solar energy in the United States. Since the multi-year extension of the credit in 2008, solar prices have consistently fallen year after year while installations and efficiencies have continued to climb. The continued success of the ITC demonstrates that a stable, long-term incentive can drive growth, reduce prices, and create jobs in solar energy. Continue reading

Poll: Rural Nebraskans ready to act on climate change

Many rural Nebraskans are concerned about potential weather problems in their area and most believe the state should develop a plan for adapting to climate change to reduce its impact on agriculture, communities and natural resources, the Nebraska Rural Poll shows. Continue reading

AP: Backers of wind power, solar seeking Nebraska tax credits

With Nebraska facing pressure to meet more stringent federal emission requirements, renewable energy advocates will push again next year for a state tax credit aimed at wind farms and solar projects. Supporters have spent the summer meeting with senators in hopes of passing the production tax credit, which was narrowly defeated by lawmakers this year. Continue reading

Solar energy discussed in Lyons

A Lyons native who is spearheading the Burt County Wind project presented the potential for developing separate alternative energy projects to Lyons City Council members earlier this week. Graham Christensen of Omaha, president of GC Resolve, said Northeast Nebraska can work on setting up its infrastructure for renewable energy projects, and Lyons has an unusual situation in regard to its utility contract in that some local energy development is allowed to occur. Continue reading