Midwest Misfit Podcast Ep. 57: RegeNErate Nebraska with Graham Christensen

Hey Misfits, Today we are talking with Graham Christensen founder and president of GC Resolve, a communication and consulting company designed to increase education and mobilization of the general public in order to build regenerative and resilient communities. Currently GC Resolve is raising awareness about Nebraska’s rising water quality issues, and educating and advocating for a change in the food production system to “regenerative” farming and ranching principles.

Along with these efforts, Graham is also a Co-founder of RegeNErate Nebraska a network of farmers and ranchers, tribes, urban farmers, supporting businesses, organizations, food consumers, and communities who are committed to a shift away from extractive industrial food production in favor of an ethical and regenerative food system.

Whether you live in the city or the country, we are all impacted by current and past agricultural practices and with climate change at the forefront of many of our minds, RegeNErate is working hard to promote and educate people on sustainable farming practices.

Listen to the podcast at our website: http://midwestmisfits.com/ep-57-regenerate-nebraska-with-graham-christensen/

Check out RegeNErate Nebraska at regeneratenebraska.com and follow them on social media @regenerate_nebraska and on Facebook at RegeNErateNebraska

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