The way we communicate with each other is important.  GC Resolve believes more informed communication builds bridges which grow stronger and healthier communities.

GC Resolve specializes in communicating tough issues that impact all of us, and also on delivering the missing information through numerous communication tools. 

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Issue Research and Strategic Planning

To understand how to resolve issues, research must be carried out and a game plan must be put in place to address problems.

GC Resolve consults for all kinds of unique clients to carry out extensive research, find out the unknowns, and help craft community-led plans that improve the environment, health and wellness, and cultural issues.

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Issue Education and Organization   IMG_5663.jpg

Communities are empowered when they have the tools they need to better address the issues that most impact them.  This is why GC Resolve helps develop creative ways to get the information and educational resources needed to efficiently resolve issues and develop more resilient communities. 

An educated and organized community is a strong community.

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Government Affairs 

Traditional lobbyists are hired by big money industrial interests which leaves most Nebraskans behind.  In contrast, GC Resolve works for a healthy and resilient Nebraska.

With Edison McDonald as the Chief Lobbyist, GC Resolve works on local, state, and national issues.  Areas of focus include environmental (air, soil and water), agricultural, energy, and equity issues.  

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Water Quality Testing 

Nebraska's water is degrading and many people are still unaware of the risks from long-term exposure to a number of contaminants.  GC Resolve encourages Nebraskans to test their water, and to seek more advanced water testing programs.

GC Resolve has developed water analysis, testing programs for various contaminants, and encourages citizen scientists.

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Small Solar Development with GC ReVOLT 

Do your part to help the environment while saving on your electric bill.  

GC Resolve helps Nebraskans set up their very own solar energy system so they can be part of the zero-emissions solution through its sister company, GC ReVOLT.

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