Tree-Range Poultry Development


A safer alternative to Costco's dangerous model for growing chickens is to go regenerative.  Tree-Range Poultry is here and offers young farmers a chance to get back on the land with the development of low acre, low risk poultry units.  Paddocks utilize permaculture principles that return the bird to its native jungle habitat, and produce feed, as well as cash crops.

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FREE Water Testing 




See the Citizen Scientist on the Issues Tab for Program Details.

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FarmtoFitness.jpgFarm to Fitness

GC Resolve is thrilled to introduce Farm to Fitness, which seeks to connect the health-minded consumer to area family farmers to provide better access to local and nutritious foods in order to help these consumers meet their fitness and wellness goals.

Farm to Fitness is a flexible program that can include:

  • Gyms promoting local family farmers and ranchers to their members.
  • Personal trainers developing diets for their clients based on locally-sourced foods.
  • Fitness centers providing a drop point for cooperatively-purchased food orders.
  • Yoga studios working to enhance the state of the mind and body with practice, meditation...and nutritional wellness!

Farm to Faith    FarmFaith-color.png

GC Resolve, in collaboration with Lone Tree Foods is pleased to introduce Farm-to-Faith, an initiative to connect faith communities in Nebraska with bountiful local foods from neighboring farms in Nebraska and Iowa.

People of faith have a long history of supporting family farms. Farm-to-Faith enhances this connection to local farmers, community, family, sustainability, and the environment, while giving members convenient access to high quality local foods. 

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Issue Education + Organization   Grassroots_Education_400pxW.jpg

Communities are empowered when they have the tools they need to weigh in on the issues that most affect them.  Plus decisions must be based on facts and science.  This is why GC Resolve helps give communities an alternative way to educate their residents through town halls, forums and informational meetings with no partisan biases. 

GC Resolve is experienced in helping everyday people become more informed and organized around issues so they can make a real difference.

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Issue Research + Strategic Planning   


To understand how to resolve issues, research must be carried out and a game plan must be put in place to address problems.

GC Resolve works with all kinds of unique clients to carry out extensive research to find out the unknowns and help craft a strategic plan based around respective issues.

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The way we convey our message is very important.  Social media, newspaper ad messaging, short videos and radio sports are all effective ways to help deliver important messages in a timely manner.  

GC Resolve will assist those that need a creative strategy in order to more effectively get the good word out.  

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Community Renewable EnergyRenewable_Energy.jpg
Organization + Development   

New tax revenues that fund our public schools, the creation of more area jobs, low future energy prices, improved energy security, water savings, and no greenhouse gas emissions are all reasons why Nebraska is poised to become a renewable energy leader.

GC Resolve will help your community stay on the cutting edge of renewable energy development.

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Farm, Business, and Residential Solar Developmentunnamed-1.jpg

Do your part to help the environment while saving on your electric bill.  

GC Resolve helps farms, businesses, and urban residences set up their own solar energy system so they can be part of the alternative energy solution.

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