Quest for Fire Podcast: Ep. 21 - Graham Christensen, Regenerating our Rural Communities

Graham Christensen is president/founder of GC Resolve, and as a 5th generation Nebraska farmer, Graham has been working to raise awareness about the degenerative effects of modern, corporate farming systems, while also voicing the need to expand regenerative, community-focused farming systems. He shares fantastic insight as to how rural communities are being affected, how the political decisions taken decades ago have led rural communities to their current level of vulnerability, and what actions need to be taken now and going forward.

He is a fantastic communicator, as he dispels many misconceptions about what it is to be a younger rural Nebraskan, and what it is to interact with powerful decision makers and powerful corporate entities. Graham also paints a detailed picture about how agricultural issues intersect with so many other societal issues, including economic, racial and environmental issues.

Join us for Episode 21 of Quest for Fire, the podcast!

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