Youth Panel Discussion On Climate Change Solutions Goes Live Tuesday

The University of Nebraska- Lincoln’s 2020-2021 E.N. Thompson Forum on World Issues will hold a virtual youth panel discussion on climate change solutions tomorrow at 7 p.m. Patrice McMahon is the chair of the forum’s board and said she’s excited because it’s the forum’s first student organized, led and driven panel.

"It also focused on youth taking action instead of debating discussing the extent of different problems related to climate change and environmental issues, these are individuals who have all been involved in activism," she said. "So it's focused on action, activism, and ways that people can make a difference.

McMahon said the panel will highlight success stories of activism from Nebraska, including speaker Graham Christensen, a Nebraska farmer and founder of GC Resolve, a company that helps farmers adopt regenerative farming practices. Also scheduled to speak is Nancy Kile, a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe involved in sacred site protection and solutions to industrial development in rural areas.

You can visit their website to watch the "Naming the Beast: Climate Change and Our Youth Taking Action” livestream.